Brent Berge’s Riverview Toyota
Brent Berge’s Riverview Toyota

Are you in the Upgrade Zone?

During the life-cycle of almost any new vehicle, there is a period where the resale value is much greater than what is still owed toward your vehicle. We call this the upgrade zone.

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Toyota's overall retain the highest resale values of any kind.

Find out if YOU are in the Upgrade Zone

Step 1

Ask our upgrade specialist for your complimentary vehicle/market appraisal. We use TRUECar an Kelly Blue Book to give up to 120% market value for your trade.

Step 2

Review purchase options on a new Toyota using your previous vehicle’s value as your trade.

Most customers find they can upgrade to a new Toyota with at or near the same payment as their previous Toyota.

Step 3

Register for your 100% refund on your previous vehicle’s service bill (up to $1000).