Toyota DIY: 2017 Tacoma TRD Pro Grille Install

August 27th, 2019 by

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Would you like to make a few modifications to your ride, but are a bit worried about things like warranties being voided? Most people are when it comes to new or semi-used vehicles. However, most cosmetic alterations on Toyotas are a 1 man simple job and especially with the trucks. Today we’re installing a TRD Pro Grille on a standard edition Tacoma. Surprisingly we only need 3 tools total! A Phillips head screwdriver, a 10mm wrench, and a pair of standard pliers.

Step 1:

It only takes two plastic plugs which can be popped out using the open end of the wrench, and two screws to take the old grille off of the vehicle.

Step 2:

Disassemble the chrome portion of the front clip from the surrounding cowl. This is probably the most intricate part. There are 16 screws and a series of clips required to get the chrome out. But don’t worry putting the Pro grille in is much easier. Take care when removing the clips as they are plastic and can break. However, if you break 1 or 2 of them you can easily get away without them.

Step 3:

Put the Pro insert right back in where you took the chrome out. This only requires 8 screws and a few of the clips to manage.

Step 4:

Put the entire assembly back on the front of the truck. We use exactly the same equipment to secure it back on the truck that we took out in step 1. Just make sure you have everything lined up and put the same screws and couple of clips back in the top.

BOOM, you’re done. A 1 hour upgrade that will change the entire look of your front end. Check out thevideo below to watch us replace the grille on a 2017 Tacoma.

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