Tire Maintenance 101: How to best take care of your tires

June 11th, 2020 by

Besides knowing about engine care, like how often you need to get your oil changed, it is also good to be informed on how to best take care of your tires. Whether your car is from our new or used inventory, tire care will help maximize the life of your tires, help keep optimum traction, and is part of taking the best care of your vehicle.

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Things to know about tire pressure:

If you have ever tried to ride a bicycle when the tires are a little low, and then again once they are full, you know you can feel the difference. When the tires are filled, the ride is smoother, and it’s easier to get where you need to go. Car tires are the same way, but there is also a balance. In order for your tires to be at peak performance for your vehicle, they need to be at a certain amount of pressure. Too low, and they can damage the tire and rim, and too full, and the amount of tread you have is reduced, and it isn’t as safe for you or your vehicle. Most vehicles have tires that perform best between 30 and 35PSI. If you are curious about your specific tires, or are looking to replace your tires, those are great questions to ask one of our technicians at your next service appointment!

How often should I rotate my tires?

When you have your tires rotated, a technician removes your vehicle’s tires and changes their position on the vehicle. For example, they may switch your left front with your left rear tire. There are several benefits of rotating your tires, starting with helping them wear evenly, and maximizing the tread life. The location of the tire can impact how and how much wear is put on the tire, so rotating your tires helps them to share the load and the tread to wear more evenly.

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For most vehicles, rotating your tires can be completed on the same schedule as an oil change. Enjoy free local pick up and delivery for all service requests!

Most tires should be rotated every 5,000 miles, but it is a good idea to ask a technician about your specific tires. Rotations help keep your tires in the best shape possible and help you enjoy the greatest return on your investment.

Another thing to keep in mind is having your tires balanced. This can be done while rotating your tires and helps keep away vibrations while you’re driving. Like rotating your tires, it promotes more even tread wear.

What you need to know about tire tread:

The tread of the tire is a key factor in enjoying good traction while driving. That means the less tread your tires have, the less grip and less control you can count on on the road. Regularly rotating your vehicle’s tires helps them wear evenly, however, as they do their job of getting you from place to place, the tread naturally wears until it is time to replace them. Besides when there is damage to other parts of the tire, the life of the tire is measured in the amount of tread left.

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Tread naturally wears over time, but regularly maintaining your tires will help you keep your vehicle running at its peak

You can take a look at your own tire’s tread by using a depth gauge, bringing your vehicle in for service, or using the quarter test. This test is super simple and gives you a good starting place for keeping tabs on your tire tread. Place a quarter “head first” into the tread on several places of the tire. If the top of George Washington’s head is visible at all, (approx. less than 2/32 of an inch) it is time for some new tires.

If you want to know how your tires are doing in regards to the amount of tread, and the best tire pressure, tire rotations are a great time to have your tires evaluated. Our technicians will help you know how your tires are doing, how often they should be rotated, and when it’s time to replace them. We also service most makes and models.

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