Checklist: 10 Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage

June 19th, 2020 by

Whether you have a commute, work from home, enjoy road trips with your family, or simply enjoy the freedom that comes with a vehicle, getting better gas mileage is always a bonus! Evaluate how you’re doing when it comes to getting better gas mileage, with our checklist:

  1. Do your vehicle’s tires have the correct amount of air? Having too much or too little air in your tires is not only unsafe but when your tires run low, it creates more resistance and lowers your gas mileage. The easy way to fix this is by getting to know your vehicle and what it needs. Unsure what your specific tires need? Come visit our tire shop and we would love to show you.
  2. Do you use the motor oil recommended by the manufacturer or service team? Do you get your oil changed when needed? Using the proper type of motor oil helps keep your engine from overheating, and reduces friction. Both factors impact your vehicle’s overall gas mileage.

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    Don’t hesitate to ask our technicians about which types of motor oil are best for your vehicle and lifestyle

  3. Do you avoid letting your vehicle idle for long periods of time? Shutting the car off, if you will be sitting and waiting, is a good idea when it comes to gas mileage. Many of our newest Toyota models have a temporary auto shut-off for sitting at lights or when the vehicle is stopped.

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    Having a vehicle that lowers idle time can make a difference in gas mileage without needing to change your driving habits.

  4. Do you replace the air filter as needed? If you are unsure, this is a great question to ask at your next service appointment.
  5. Do you plan your trips? Take a moment to consider where you have to go and make a plan to avoid backtracking and taking unnecessary time on the road.

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    The stop-and-go of running errands lowers your fuel economy. A little planning to eliminate unnecessary trips can go a long way

  6. Do you keep only necessary equipment in or on your vehicle? Added ski racks and storage toppers are incredible when it comes to getting you to your next adventure; However, for the daily commute, it is better to store them at home to cut down on drag.
  7. Is your gas cap on securely? It seems simple, but make sure the gas cap is completely sealed so there isn’t extra air in the fuel, increasing the amount of gas your vehicle has to burn. Thankfully most modern vehicles have alerts set to notify when the gas cap isn’t fully secured.
  8. Do you use cruise control?

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    Most vehicles are created to be as efficient as possible. Use cruise control so you can go easier on your gas pedal and let your engine determine how much fuel is being used on long trips

  9. Do you use the fuel type recommended by the manufacturer? In almost all cases, using what the manufacturer recommends will yield the greatest results.
  10. If fuel economy is a high priority, have you considered a hybrid vehicle? Hybrids help bring the best of both: optimizing the use of fuel and electricity. Explore our Hybrid selection online, or come visit us at the dealership to learn more about our Hybrid and other fuel-efficient options.