5 Benefits of Having your Vehicle Serviced at the Dealership

May 29th, 2020 by

With many types of auto body shops and mechanics out there, you want to make sure you’re taking your vehicle to the best place for service. Often we think of visiting the dealership to purchase a new car, but the services offered go far beyond the initial purchasing process. Berge’s Riverview Toyota can also take care of all of your vehicle’s service needs.

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Berge’s Riverview Toyota has an entire service department for all of your vehicle’s service needs

Check out 5 benefits of having your vehicle serviced at the dealership.

  1. Let’s talk about warranties: More frequently than not, new vehicles come with warranties. That means the specific service could be covered by the manufacturer or dealership at no cost to you. One of the benefits of having your vehicle serviced at the dealership is that the dealer can easily look up and apply the warranty. It is also important to note, in order to continue to be valid, many warranties require the service to be completed by a certified technician. At the dealership, you can be confident that the technicians are certified, and the warranties are taken into consideration.
  2. Parts are as important as the service: When you go through a dealership, you not only know exactly where the parts are coming from, but the dealership is often already stocked with the specific parts you need. Whether it’s a specialty switch that is particular to your model, or your vehicle needs a specific belt to run at its peak, the dealership will know which parts are the correct and best parts for your make and model.

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    From brake pads to belts, we have you covered with parts in stock and the ability to special order as needed

  3. More guaranties to love: Parts and service from the dealership are guaranteed by the dealership. This means if the part doesn’t last as long as it was guaranteed to, or the repair somehow fails, you can take your vehicle back into the dealership and have it corrected at no cost to you. This helps keep you from getting stuck paying for the same repair, twice.
  4. Keeping your vehicle current: The dealership stays up to date with updates, warranties and recalls, from the manufacturer. Technicians can then perform any needed maintenance on your vehicle when you are at the dealership. Often these types of maintenance do not add substantial time to your visit, and you then can have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is up to date on any updates from the manufacturer. Not to mention, the dealership is almost guaranteed to have the parts needed to perform the updates.

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    When you bring your vehicle into Berge’s Riverview Toyota, we will let you know of any manufacturer updates or maintenance notices that have been issued, to get your vehicle up to date

  5. Free pickup and delivery: Have a busy schedule, or need to stay home? Don’t skip a beat with maintaining your vehicle. At Berge’s Riverview Toyota we are offering free pick up and delivery for any service. This means that everything from an oil change, to more extensive service appointments, can be scheduled with local pick up and delivery!

You can schedule all service appointments, here, or give our service team a call at (480)389-0465.

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Keeping your vehicle regularly maintained helps it maintain its value, and your engine running at its peak

Whether you are looking for a new vehicle or maintaining your current vehicle, we’d love to help and answer any questions you may have. Come visit us at the dealership, or explore our inventory online!